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Bo Bice Christmas appearance, performing "The Real Thing" with the "Hired Hotties" band.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Biceman...with a flaming S

Bo Bice said in a recent interview, he's just a regular cat, that he doesn't run around in a Superman shirt. He said that he makes mistakes and sometimes says things that may make some fans mad and maybe not like him anymore...

In this article in POP CANDY, he again mentions the Superman reference, "I'm much happier at being that guy that wakes up as his damn self every day than the guy that tries to figure out what he's gotta act like to impress this person or that person. It's a lot less preparation in the mornings, you know? I don't have to put on a Superman suit and convince people I'm some kind of hero, man. I'm just some cat that lucked out and made it on a TV show."

The Super logo idea came about as I watched Bice struggle through some of the major challenges that almost 'sidelined' him, and possibly would have stopped lesser individuals. I had put the pic on my main blog Rising Star storyblog and in a few of the forums I sometimes post comments.

To list just a few obstacle Bice has had to overcome, the broken foot incident, BO BICE, Injury Won't Sideline this Vehicle still he carried on with his obligations to the American Idol tour, getting married, moving, and having a new son born (big steps, man), his life threatening gastrointestinal illness and subsequent surgery. All the while pumping out an impressive debut, post-American Idol CD.(although on certain tracks Clive Davis just couldn't help himself now could he?)

In my ever-so-humble opinion the SuperBice shirt fits.

Much Love.

Love this one, You make me weak...

Some Bo Bice Beginnings

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"The Road ahead", says this last pic, how apropo...


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Time for The Real Thing!!!

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This would have made a great CD cover! Really Fa BO lous!
This chick (whoever she is) needs to be consulted for the next CD cover design; she had the right idea for this CD. I don't know who's work this is, it was forwarded on to me by an anonymous third party, if anyone knows who did this let me know....!!!

I remember when album covers were incredible 3-D artforms with movable parts and all. I have an incredible collection. Too bad CD covers, by necessity have to be not as much fun. This at least is an appropriate pic for the title.

Sunny Skies & Much love.

Beard or no Beard? Is that a Question???

Just can't decide sometimes, clean-shaven, mmmmm, or with the beard?

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Bo & Gracie from Tracy Rinaldi

thank you to Bonnie at Moontrip Graphics

"Bubba" kickin' back

More pics and videos to come ...out of time today...

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